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Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Outreach Resources: The 12 Experiments of Christmas

TODAY I co-presented, along with a team of four other PhD students, a science Christmas Lecture for a theatre full of Year 7 students (ages 11-12), called 'The 12 Experiments of Christmas'. It was a journey through the human body, packed with experiments, demonstrations, explosions and things vanishing. It asked the following crucial Christmas questions, amongst others:

If there were a power cut at the North pole, what vegetables could be used to power Father Christmas' workshop?
If the reindeer went bonkers and ran away, how else might Father Christmas power his sleigh?
What happens to your Christmas dinner?
If all the elves went on strike, who/what else could make all the presents?
And, most importantly, what happens to reindeer poo?

It was a LOT of fun and I am indebted to the team for working so hard on it and never giving up. There was a time this was not going to happen and I am very, very glad that it did. Many thanks to the schools who came, and to all our willing volunteers.

Read on for outreach resources and notes.