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Friday, 8 July 2011

Rebekah Brooks, Rupert Murdoch and Samwise Gamgee

I was going to write about the week's news, on the closure of the News of the World, corruption claims, bribery claims, issues of social justice revolving around the media, phone hacking, privacy and the very forces tasked with protecting us. This is enormous news, and I'm very glad that we still have press outlets that can expose circumstances such as this. But I can't summarise my thoughts better than those already doing so, in the news, on the radio, in parliament and online, so instead, here's a quote from The Lord of the Rings:
`How long do you think I shall have here?' said Frodo to Bilbo, when Gandalf had gone.

`Oh, I don't know. I can't count days in Rivendell,' said Bilbo. 'But quite long, I should think. We can have many a good talk. What about helping me with my book, and making a start on the next? Have you thought of an ending?'

'Yes, several, and all are dark and unpleasant,' said Frodo.

'Oh, that won't do!' said Bilbo. `Books ought to have good endings. How would this do: and they all settled down and lived together happily ever after?'

`It will do well, if it ever comes to that,' said Frodo.

'Ah!' said Sam. 'And where will they live? That's what I often wonder.'