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Thursday, 29 April 2010

The Third Leaders Debate: Live from Campus 2

Twitter tells me all three leaders are now in the house, as it were. Listening to the radio the Gordon Brown "bigoted woman" gaffe continues to be debated, despite it being a non-news story. He said something he shouldn't have, in private, being recorded when he shouldn't have been. He has apologised - can we move on please? I'm sure they are all as bad as each other. What is worse, that the Prime Minister had a grumble about somebody, or that somebody has what some are seeing as bigoted views? Surely the news should cover why she said what she said and why she believes that, rather than his comment?

I want to know how much of the university's research they can shoehorn in to tonight's coverage - they'll have the hydrogen cars and the posters, but will they get the canal boat in?

THE University's PR machine has gone into overdrive. The campus is covered in posters and banners advertising the Birmingham Heroes campaign, which promotes the work of researchers here with regards to energy, medicine and social causes. As I was exploring the debate site, four hydrogen-fuelled cars, multicoloured bubble cars that would appear to come straight from Toyland, drove in formation, almost choreographed, down the path from the library and parked in front of the secure area, complete with signs explaining their significance and how they were developed here. It is fuel for the future - expect one of the leaders tonight to mention them as reasons why we need to invest in research. The university is clearly keen to gain as much prestige from tonight as possible. The synchronised style of their arrival was quite amusing - like the red arrows, only camper.

I'm beginning to understand the complexity of the arrangements here today. There are police on every entrance to the buildings effected but this is a university - people need to get in to study or work. Police must be swarming inside too.

Nick Clegg has already arrived.

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