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Thursday, 29 April 2010

The Third Leaders Debate: Live from Campus 4

HANDILY, somebody just set the fire alarm off in Biosciences, so, in spite of the rain, Karl and I just went for a look around. Good job we did - as we were walking towards the compound, Lord Peter Mandelson walked by, surrounded by a flurry of reporters, cameramen and sound engineers, as well as soggy students. He looked quite happy, not perturbed by the crowds. Karl was very excited.

"I'm really happy now!" he said.
"Yeah! We saw someone famous!" I replied.
"Well, its only Peter Mandelson."


We were incensed, however, at the complete ignorance of one observer, who had no idea who Mandelson is. Said student, I am told, had to be convinced that voting is an important thing to do, and only just registered to vote in time.

Further up, Sky News reporter Kay Burley (she of the Peter Andre controversy earlier in the year) was recording a short to be edited for a later report. With students everywhere, it must have been a daunting task, but she spoke confidently at the camera and, when the clip was complete, she frantically got a tissue from her pocket and blew her nose - another trial of on-location journalism I had never considered.

With the Labour tour bus parked up alongside Physics, things are very strange about campus today.


"The fire evacuation today was caused by a piece of bread being heated in a microwave for an extended period resulting in production of smoke which triggered the alarm system.  The person responsible took the correct action by phoning Security straight away.

Can I once again remind people to take particular care when using toasters and microwaves to avoid a repeat of this situation."

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