Friday, 2 October 2009

Cervical cancer vaccine

(this post via Hagley Road to Ladywood)
From Malcolm Coles:

"I've pointed out that any concerned parents searching Google for information on the cervical cancer jab (in the tragic wake of a schoolgirl's death) see a mass of negative and inaccurate information linking the girl's death to the vaccine.

It turns out she died of an unrelated tumour [read what really happened here- ed]. But Google's results will give parents second thoughts about letting their daughters be vaccinated, even though the injection will save 00s of lives a year".

If you're looking for information regarding cervical cancer vaccine, please visit the NHS website.

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  1. It was tempting to use 'The MMR hoax all over again?' as a title for this. I am surprised (and pleased) that a greater scare story has not been made of this. Although maybe I've just not been paying attention to the news enough lately.